Voter Outreach during 2016 Election

Get out the vote en español

Leading up to the 2016 election, as part of AIGA’s national Get Out the Vote initiative, I collaborated with the AIGA Miami chapter and design leaders around the country to bring a Spanish-language voter engagement campaign to the neighborhoods in my city. The campaign featured Edward James Olmos with a strong message for Spanish-speaking voters: “Este año, tu voto es cosa seria” (This year, your vote is a serious matter). Designed by Agustín Garza (of the AIGA Los Angeles chapter and AIGA national board), the ads and posters reached more than 89 million viewers via Spanish-language TV networks and outdoor media.

I did extensive demographic and media research to identify zip codes with highest concentrations of Hispanic population, and we partnered with Miami-based ALMA agency to bring the “Tu Voto” message to these specific neighborhoods throughout the county. Due to our strategic placement and the generosity of ALMA, the message had incredible reach and visibility among Spanish-speaking voters.

Miami-Dade Population research during 2016 Election

Also, during the final weekend before the election, AIGA Miami volunteers did a serious grassroots sweep and shared the TU VOTO campaign posters at 40-50 retail sites, from grocery and liquor stores, to pharmacies, restaurants, laundromats – all small neighborhood stores within target zip codes. We interacted with store employees, managers, and owners to get permission to post, in some cases inside the store; in other cases, outside on windows, ice boxes, or columns.

Designs like this one have the power to transmit crucial ideas in society. All the more so when people – from the neighborhood block level to national and global organizations – give their time and resources to bring the communications to life.

Voter Outreach during 2016 Election

Header image by Hector Chacon.