Rebecca is a designer based in Miami.


My work is driven by the belief that design creates a space for good things to happen. I often work on projects that have a net-positive impact – empowering people and brands to make their mark in our community.



Skills & Capabilities



With research, and a collaborative, iterative process, I craft robust identity systems to bring the client’s brand, product, or service to life.


Visual Design

I specialize in elegant, functional design with strong typography and clean visuals. Emphasis on the classic elements: grids, proportion, balance.


UX / UI Design

Grounded in a focus on user outcomes, I make whiteboarding, sketching, wireframes and prototypes the core of my UX design process.



I’m passionate about storytelling through symbol and metaphor, and love the challenge of interpreting complex ideas into clear visual representations.



Rallying a creative team is about identifying a shared vision, then building a strategic but flexible plan to achieve our common goals.


Human-Centered Design

Especially of value in social impact or community-based work, I incorporate design thinking principles and activities in most of my projects.

Headshot of Rebecca White