Jennifer Ford, Jennifer Marin Jericho, and Rebecca White representing AIGA

Representing Miami at AIGA National Leadership Retreat

I was honored to represent AIGA Miami and speak about the PosterFest Design for Good initiative during AIGA’s 2019 National Leadership Retreat in Atlanta, Georgia. The annual retreat gathers hundreds of representatives from the organization’s 75 chapters for several days of training, inspiration, and empowerment.

As a past President of AIGA Miami, I co-hosted a breakout session with Jennifer Marin Jericho (past President of AIGA Baltimore, member of the AIGA Women Lead Initiative) and Jennifer Ford (founding President of AIGA Gainesville). The session, UNITE: AIGA Chapter Collaborations with Local Government and Non-Profits for Community Impact, focused on how 3 AIGA chapters came together to collaborate on AIGA Miami’s 2019 PosterFest Design for Good initiative. 

Presenting at the AIGA National Leadership Retreat

Presenting at the 2019 AIGA National Leadership Retreat

I spoke about the Miami chapter’s relationship with The Wolfsonian-FIU and their shared goal of empowering designers to create social change. I also reflected on the joint partnership with the Florida Department of Health: in response to the scale and severity of South Florida’s HIV / AIDS crisis, the three organizations invited designers to create work that could educate the public about safety and prevention.

Jennifer Jericho (Baltimore) shared how chapter leaders from Miami, Gainesville, and Baltimore envisioned a unique educational experience for PosterFest participants. Over several months of remote planning and collaboration, we created a Designing for Empathy workshop, which leveraged local experts and used design-thinking methodologies to give attendees an educated, nuanced perspective on South Florida’s HIV / AIDS crisis. 

Attendees participating in panel discussion, lecture, design-thinking activities, and collage-making during Designing for Empathy workshop

Images from AIGA Miami’s “Designing for Empathy” workshop

Jennifer Ford (Gainesville) shared some key takeaways from the workshop experience, as well as insight on how chapters can benefit from working directly with other non-profits and government entities. 

She also spoke about PosterFest and design thinking for social change during a presentation with IBM Design on the leadership retreat main stage.

The PosterFest initiative was a true labor of love during my time as chapter President, so I was thrilled that the project was featured during the retreat, and that local designers’ commitment to social impact was recognized by our organization’s national leadership.

Board members from the Florida AIGA Chapters during Leadership Retreat

Board members from the Florida AIGA Chapters during Leadership Retreat

Images in this post by Isabel Castro, Jennifer Ford, and Suzy Rodriguez