Design piece Paz Quem Quer Faz

A meditation made tangible.

Paz quem quer faz (the one who wants peace makes peace), a quote from Brazilian poet TT Catalão. Hand-lettering and blind letterpress on Crane Lettra #220. Printed (by me!) on a Vandercook SP-15 at IS Projects in Fort Lauderdale.

My friend Mariana Rego commissioned this piece – she wanted the quote in a prominent place in her home, as a visual aid for an awareness process.

I envisioned something tactile and with an element of human touch. I also wanted a quiet and stillness to come through in the piece, given its role as a meditation device.

Blind letterpress then seemed like the most meaningful execution – a subtle medium that changes with the light of the day and at times disappears depending on the angle from which it is viewed. But the meaning is always there, even if only as a whisper.

Letterpress machine
Letterpress plate for design piece Paz Quem Quer Faz

The creation process – lettering this phrase over and over again – became a sort of meditation for me also. I may think I want to be at peace, but I’m (unconsciously?) constantly choosing to push myself in my work, in workouts, side projects, anywhere and everywhere. The result is that I frequently feel pressed, over-stretched, at my limit. Do I actually want peace in my life? If so, what choices would I make that could give me space for internal peace?

Looking forward to more collaborations with friends, more art / design hybrid work, more letterpress, and more meditation (and maybe more peace?). 

Design piece Paz Quem Quer Faz