DIY Big Data Infographic

Storytelling Infographic Concept, produced for web, pitch decks, and tradeshow graphics

Boston-based cloud tech company Cazena solves a multifaceted problem for its clients – big data as a service. While the company’s tech solution is simple, they wanted a creative way to illustrate to clients both the complexity and cost involved with a DIY approach to big data – underscoring why their service is of such value.

Cazena Infographic

Working with the Marketing team and getting input from Engineering, we crafted a graphic system that allowed us to show the layers of skills, capabilities, and components required for a DIY approach to a Big Data platform – and how the Cazena solution brings everything together in a streamlined (and comparatively affordable) package.

Cazena website and infographic
Cazena stickers
Cazena postcard

Cazena now has nuanced visual aids to illustrate the complexity of the DIY approach, and utilizes this graphic system across multiple platforms, including web, pitch decks, banner and tradeshow graphics, specialty items, print materials, and more.