Child Abuse Prevention Campaigns

Statewide broadcast, outdoor, and print campaign for the Mississippi Department of Human Services, in collaboration with The McKewen Company, Borrowed Productions, and Aaron Phillips Photography

Safe Sleep Public Service Announcement
Hot Car Public Service Announcement

“Hot Car” campaign

The summer before we produced this campaign, two Mississippi children died as a result of being forgotten in a car on a warm day. While there were a lot of facts and figures surrounding these tragic accidents, we distilled the message down to a couple of clear ideas: your child’s body temperature rises five times faster than yours does, which can mean heatstroke or death in just minutes.


The focus here was on education – so rather than just telling a sad story, we also shared a recommendation for how to make sure parents never forget a child in the car.

Hot Car Public Service Announcement Storyboard
Hot Car Public Service Announcement

“Safe Sleep” campaign

In the year before we produced the Safe Sleep campaign, twenty-two children died in the state of Mississippi as a result of unsafe sleeping environment (mostly co-sleeping with a caregiver). Many caregivers didn’t understand that even if they never rolled onto the child, soft mattresses and heavy blankets put infants at risk for suffocation.


While we highlighted how dangerous co-sleeping can be, the purpose of the campaign was also to demonstrate what a safe, secure sleeping environment looks like.

Safe Sleep Public Service Announcement Storyboard
Safe Sleep Public Service Announcement