Urban Impact Lab Rebrand

Comprehensive rebrand including logo, typography, color palette, illustrated graphics, messaging, and web re-design

“Cities are ecosystems” – the credo of Urban Impact Lab, a civic innovation firm based in Miami. We’d collaborated with Urban Impact Lab on many projects, but now they approached us about a rebrand for their own company. They’d been working under an identity that they’d outgrown, primarily because they refined and scaled their vision.

We explored several different metaphors for the brand, and landed on The Octopus as a symbol: a complex, resilient creature that is at once playful, awe-inspiring, and beautiful.

Urban impact lab logo sketches
Urban Impact lab logo sketches

The octopus forms an abstract part of their primary brand mark – more a subtle suggestion than anything – but also functions as a stand-alone illustrative piece in other contexts.

Urban Impact lab logo / illustration
Urban Impact lab logo / illustration
Urban Impact lab logo / illustration
Urban Impact lab logo
Urban Impact Lab business cards
Urban Impact Lab business cards

The potent color palette speaks to the dynamic nature of their work; while restrained typography creates balance and solidity.

We created special letterpress cards with duplexed Colorplan paper and a ghosted octopus form on the reverse. Each partner selected a color from the brand palette to distinguish her card from the others.

Then, with the visual brand finalized, we established a comprehensive web presence for the organization – complete with content strategy guidelines for how to document and showcase their work in the future.

Urban Impact Lab website