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PosterFest Design for Good Competition

On #InternationalWomensDay, I wanted to share something about a mostly invisible part of our society: homeless women. I was pretty unaware of how differently homelessness can impact women, and all the myriad causes of homelessness among women. That is – until I started working through AIGA Miami on a special project with the Wolfsonian-FIU and Lotus House.

We just launched a competition challenging designers to help educate the public in South Florida about the reality that homeless women face. We’re asking designers to use their problem-solving skills to create compassion, challenge misconceptions, and motivate action. Then, we’ll use the winning poster design in a public context to help break down stigma and misunderstanding.

One thing that struck me, in listening to stories of women who graduated from the program at Lotus House, is that many of these ladies were living normal lives prior to becoming homeless, and it was a series of terrible circumstances that pushed them out (such as: losing a job, splitting up with a partner, domestic violence). And then, I felt incredible admiration for the tenacity of these women – to overcome their circumstances and get back to health and stability.

Some of us have bigger safety nets than others, but the truth is that we are all vulnerable to the tremendous challenges of life. Let’s look for opportunities to wrap our arms around those in society who need support.

If you’re interested in the design competition – send me a message or check out the details here.

PosterFest Graphics designed by Brittany Ballinger