Salon Series La Boheme graphic

Salon: La Bohème

I’d like to invite you to the next installment of the Salon Series, on Saturday, October 27 at 7pm at my place in North Bay Village. For this Salon, we’ll explore the Puccini opera La Bohème with listening, some background / historical context, and group discussion. Think of it as “book club” for the performing arts (I’ll send some pre-work ahead of the salon).

My intention is to create a space where music lovers (whether you’re a veteran of the classical music scene, a newbie who’s curious and wants to learn more, or anywhere in between) can listen, discuss, and develop a deeper understanding of works that will be performed here locally.

La Bohème is opening at Florida Grand Opera on November 3rd with several different performances to choose from, so you can attend the opera with newfound understanding and appreciation.

If you’d like to attend the Salon on the 27th, please RSVP here. I look forward to seeing you all.