Conceptual piece "Six Hundred and Eighty"

Six Hundred and Eighty

Six Hundred and Eighty, sumi ink on paper, 19″x24″

This is a challenging story to share, but I’m putting it out there anyway. I made this conceptual piece in response to something that happened in my home state of Mississippi.

On August 7th, 2019, ICE agents carried out the largest immigration raid in our nation’s history. They swept up six hundred and eighty immigrant workers from a group of food processing plants in the central part of the state. 680 human beings. Men and women, mothers, fathers, spouses, siblings, friends, suddenly taken away from everyone and everything they know.

August 7th was also the first day of school in Mississippi. At the end of the day, many children were stranded at school. Their parents were gone, just like that.

This is personal to me because we have friends and colleagues who are impacted.

So this piece recognizes those 680 individuals – each one his or her own universe – whose lives and energies overlap so many others. Anything that happens to them happens to us all.

This piece carries my hope that these 680 people, and their loved ones, can receive some love and comfort even now.

Detail of conceptual piece "Six Hundred and Eighty"