Tarot Cards of Tech

Explore design impact with Tarot Cards of Tech

I absolutely LOVE this project from Artefact Group – The Tarot Cards of Tech help designers and technologists think through the potential consequences of our work. Too many of us don’t recognize the power and agency we have in this world – we don’t realize that the work we do has serious implications in society. It can be very tricky to foresee the end results of the projects to which we lend our skills. So I am excited to get my hands on this toolkit to help myself and my community think this through.

Here’s what they have to say: “The Tarot Cards of Tech are a way to put humanity-centered design into practice so that we can think bigger picture and longer term about how the products we create will have an effect on the world. As an industry, we are waking up to ways in which the best intentions can lead to harmful outcomes. From mismanaged data to fake news, we are realizing that the effects of our most celebrated products are not always positive. When you “move fast and break things,” well, things get broken – or worse. We think it’s time instead to slow down and ask important questions of our products. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it makes better technology for everyone.”

Tarot Cards of Tech

“Visit The Tarot Cards of Tech website to download your deck. Bring them to your next brainstorm or team meeting to start a conversation about questions of scale, of what usage really means, and how equity and access play a role in the technology we create. Perhaps it will expose a potential negative outcome that can be avoided, like a feature that could be abused or alienates people. But the cards are also designed to help reveal opportunities to increase the positive aspects of products as well, like ways to create more inclusive products or connect people in more meaningful ways. Either way, let us know how you use the cards. We would love to hear about your experience.”

Has there been a moment when you realized, positive or negative, that something you’d created had impact beyond what you anticipated? What did you do in response? How did that shape your perspective on the next projects you took on?

Card designs by Pong Ko and website development by Sam Baker at Artefact Group