Compelling design for people, brands, and causes.

Compelling design for people, brands, and causes.

Rebecca White Design is a studio based in Miami, Florida.


Our work is driven by the belief that design creates a space for good things to happen. We work with mission driven organizations on projects that have positive impact – empowering people and brands to make their mark in our world. We take pride in deeply understanding our clients’ objectives and designing solutions that bring their brand, product, or service to life. It’s all about creating powerful connections between our clients and their audience.

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Here’s how we work together.


The first step in every project is discovery. Understanding your vision, industry, goals, and challenges is key. We take the time to really scope out your needs, so that we can build a product together that’s powerful and effective. We look for inspiration – things that are meaningful, remarkable, and surprising in what you offer, and how we can best connect those things to your users.


The design process is synergetic. We rely on the wealth of knowledge, information, and experience that our clients have. We offer design concepts as drafts to be refined, challenged, and strengthened by working together. We consider open communication and iteration to be foundational to great design.


The final product is a tool that’s useful and flexible. Whether its a campaign, a brand, a website, a book, or a movement, we want you to be comfortable using the products, and we want them to be meaningful to your audience. The end result will be something that empowers you to connect with your users and make your mark in the world.